Weekend Interactive Retreat


Weekend Interactive Retreat
Fri, November 1, 2019, 17:00 h - Sun, November 3, 2019, 12:00 h
St. Therese's Retreat Center - Columbus, OH


Theme: An Eagle's Flight: Following Jesus in the Gospel of John (Part III)

Retreat Director: Fr. John D. Corbett, O.P. 

Description: The Gospels are filled with stories about people like you, people who discovered, often to their astonishment, new and unsuspected directions for their lives when they opened themselves to Christ’s friendship. Openness to God’s love, to see clearly how our past and future fit his plan for our happiness forms the meaning and measure of a well-made retreat.

Most people don’t have a clear-cut set of reasons for making a retreat, for opening themselves to God’s friendship. Nathaniel, for example, found himself nagged by his friends to come and meet this Jesus of Nazareth; he came, apparently, to scoff in amusement. Matthew was startled to be called in the midst of his moneymaking affairs. The young apostles, swept away by their love for him, went to the ends of the earth to spread the Good News of that boundless happiness.

At the very outset of this retreat, then, you too may have your motives unclear and unsettled. No Matter. It is God’s motives that count. He is determined to embrace your mind and will. He has brought you to this retreat so that you, like these others, can rise to a new level of happiness in his loving friendship. Your union with Jesus on this retreat is meant to be a step in your journey with him, your friend.

All men of the Columbus Diocese are encouraged to attend this retreat weekend. A contribution of $150.00 covers the cost of the retreat. However, the Retreat League takes up the offering in unmarked envelopes, and we depend on the generosity of those men who can take up the slack for those who may not at this time be able to afford the suggested donation. Make your reservation now and consider bringing a friend! Contact Dave Mignerey 614-392-0146, Gary Hasson 614-216-4500 or Mark Hasson 614-425-5422.


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